Calling all foodies to Central Mall.

We are happy to announce that Central Mall is organizing "Taste of Central"- food tasting event at L3 /public area/ of Central Tower, every Thursday from March 31,2016. Master chefs from all restaurants at Central Tower are gathered to make you feel the real taste of European, Mongolian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisines for your lunch. The event is open to everyone and you can taste every meal for MNT 3000-5000.

12 Apr 2016

“Spring Spirit” starts at Central Mall. Introducing you the Spring/Summer 2016 new collections, extraordinary discounts and special offers. 

12 Apr 2016

Versace Collection winter sale will finish in 5 days. Don’t miss this opportunity.

17 Mar 2016

UGG бренд хэрэглэгчдийн хүсэлтээр онцгой хямдралтай худалдаагаа дахин явуулж байна.

1 гутал авсан тохиолдолд 30%, 2 гутал авсан тохиолдолд 40%, 3 гутал авсан тохиолдолд 50% хямдарч байна. 
Мөн зарим гутландаа 50%-70% хүртэлх хувийн онцгой хямдрал зарласан размерийн сонголт цөөн тул та амжиж ирээрэй. 
77112611, 2 давхар
Сэнтрал Молл

23 Feb 2016

Цагаан сард зориулсан бэлэгтэй, хямдралтай худалдаанд та бүхнийг урьж байна.

04 Feb 2016

Гэгээн Валентины баярыг тохиолдуулан “Valentine’s SWEET TREAT” тун удахгүй...

04 Feb 2016

 2015 Karen Millen new collection is arrived. ‪#‎Karenmillen‬ ‪#‎CentralTower‬ ‪#‎CentralMall‬ ‪#‎Level2‬ ‪#‎Fashion‬ ‪#‎New‬ ‪#‎collection‬

20 Oct 2015

Are you were for winter?  UGG Australia classic brand sale 30% start today.

19 Oct 2015

Nepko publishing is organizing a book fair only for 2 days people who love read and addicted to books. Purchase the interesting and unique books. Hurry now! ‪#‎centralmall‬ ‪#‎level3‬ ‪#‎Nepkopublishing‬

16 Sep 2015

“TASTE OF CENTRALS” хоолны өдөрлөгт урьж байна. Таныг болон таны гэр бүл, найз нөхдийг бид “Taste of Centrals” - амтлаг нэгэн оройг бидэнтэй өнгөрөөхийг урьж байна. Сэнтрал Тауэр дотор байрлах ресторанууд өөрсдийн хоолны дээж, үйлчилгээг та бүхэнд мэдрүүлэхээр бэлдээд байна. Та бүхэн хүрэлцэн ирж хамгийн амтат, өвөрмөц дарс болон 8 тогоочийн орон орны хоолыг нэг дороос амтлаарай. Мөн та бүхний баяр хөөртэй Баасан гаригт чинь зориулан, зарим уух зүйлс ХЯМДРАЛТАЙ! ~Хэзээ~ 6-8 цагийн хооронд

Баасан гариг, 2015.04.17

~Хаана~ Сэнтрал Тауэрийн 3 давхарт

Хүн бүрт нээлттэй!

17 Apr 2015

We invite you to the exciting event on the occasion of Women’s day for the ladies who loves RED LIPSTICK. The only thing that you need is to come and join us at the Central Mall wearing a RED LIPSTICK and enjoy all the special offers that we are giving out on this Friday, March 6, 2015.

06 Mar 2015

Valentine's Day Tiger Fish & Aminaa Tax MNT 35,000 @Square Grill Pub

14 Feb 2015

“THE BEST MEMORY OF VALENTINE’S DAY” Share your unforgettable moments with us!

13 Feb 2015

In order to support retail tenants business, Central Mall have successfully organized the first event “Exclusive Fashion Party at Central mall” on August 15, 2014. 19 brand shops of Central Mall have participated in this event, such as Burberry, Versace Collection, Pal Zileri and over 200 VIP guests have attended the party and enjoyed the luxury night by purchasing world top brands products with special price and promotion.

15 Aug 2014

Stuart Weitzman shop has just opened at Central Mall.

21 May 2014

Versace Collection shop has just opened at Central Mall.

23 Feb 2014

Central Garden restaurant & lounge has just opened at Central Mall.

20 Feb 2014

Petit Bateau French kids brand shop has just opened at Central Mall.

21 Dec 2013

World Wine has just opened at Central Mall.

18 Dec 2013

Pal Zileri has just opened at Central Mall.

31 Oct 2013

Chopard has just opened at Central Mall.

29 Oct 2013

Damiani has just opened at Central Mall.

18 Oct 2013

Frey Wille an Austrian jewellery shop has just opened at Central Mall.

10 Oct 2013

UGG has just opened at Central Mall.

10 Oct 2013